About Us

Zero & Beyond is the brand of Floret Traders has introduced a unique collection of ethically produced and artistically inspired clothing range for your kids. Our comforting collections feature exclusive prints, designs and are produced keeping in view the hygienic protocols related to childcare.

At the heart of our production approach is creating anti-microbial, hygienic and comforting patterns for newborns, toddlers and pre-teens.

 Each garment is disinfected before dispatch to our valued customers.


Our Mission 

Being Kind to Delicate Skins and the Planet at the Same Time

Our products reflect intense care and are woven with the kindness that every kid deserves in this world. While creating hygienic products for your loved ones, we also like to be the one providing you with eccentric and authentic designs.

Our Expertise

We have 20 years of experience in handling the production of legacy brands like H&M, M&S, Levis, Zara, Next, Tesco, Burton & CA etc.

Fun, Inspiring, Distinctive

Our products are distinctively caring for the young ones and they are inspiring at the same time while setting an industry standard for other brands that are manufacturing products for newborns, toddlers and preteens.


We believe in timeless, comfortable and environmentally sustainable fashion for the future generation.


The Zero & Beyond advantage:


 Our complete range of Babygro’s, tops, bottoms, dresses, hyjeans (hygienic jeans) are all signature knits and weaves duly produced in factories while taking care of all the standard operating procedures.


We think of creativity, comfort and safety at a whole new level while weaving the perfect attire for once in a lifetime phase called childhood.